Inversion table reviews

By just reading some medical journals one could never come across the simple facts such as the tremendous inversion therapy benefits, for example in relieving lower back pain using inversion tables. And if the benefits were mentioned, they would be buried in the scientific mumbo-jumbo, peppered with a few confusing statistical findings which would make it hard to dig out any conclusions about the inversion table benefits.

Inversion table reviews

But by reading inversion table reviews, written by common folks, like you and I, you will uncover inversion therapy benefits that your doctor may have never told you about. Even if you suffered from a severe back pain, or spinal pain. Instead, you were given a prescription for pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, you were told to see a doctor more often, perhaps attend some physical therapy sessions, and perhaps even see a chiropractor.

In this article, we will go over a brief selection of inversion therapy symptoms and inversion therapy benefits people experienced after using inversion benches or other inversion systems. We will review the back pain relief benefits and the spinal pain relief benefits.

Inversion therapy benefits for back pain relief

People have reported the following results using gravity inversion benches for back pain relief:

    In just a single day of using the inversion bench, a woman went from not sleeping at all due to back pain to sleeping soundly through the nights.
    In just 6 weeks, a woman felt her flexibility has increased, both in the upper and lower back, as well as in the neck.
    A persons lower back pain has vanished after just four weeks of daily use of an inversion bench.
    A woman found that after using an inversion bench she was slouching less.
    In just 4 days of using inversion table for minutes a day, a man found that his pain in lower back was greatly reduced
    After eight years with a bulged disc, having repeatedly visited many MDs, PTs, and still experiencing pain, a man came across the inversion table which provided instant pain relief.

Inversion benefits for spinal pain relief

These are the testimonials from people experiencing relief from spinal pain after using gravity inversion:

    A user with a herniated disk in his neck experienced a significant relief in just two days.
    Another user of an inversion bench found that his pinched nerve has been relieved of pain after only 4 days of using the inversion bench for just five minutes a day.
    A person with pinched nerves felt that after gravity inversion, his back didn't hurt him as much.

Inversion table reviews

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